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How We Raise Standards

We truly believe that by remaining honest to our clients and loyal to our employees, vendors, and suppliers, we have been able to begin to remove the negative connotations associated with the typical NYC contractor.

Whether simply installing sign supports in Arthur Ashe Stadium or actually erecting a brand new Grandstand from the ground up, the same attention to detail must be paid.  We understand and value the significance of a positive and productive relationship between us, the GC and the Owner.  

Maintaining integrity and simple ethics that can sometimes be overlooked in the industry, have always been paramount to our organization.

Over the last several years, Northeast has grown exponentially, taking on several quality new hires to address the in-flux of work we have acquired.  Recently, extra steps have been taken to ensure quality and safety in the organization as we grow.  Our diverse, dedicated and qualified team with our core values in place, is  how we raise the standards in this business.

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